If you have Three or more years of experience, the EMPBA will provide you with the development, skills, and networking to take you up the career ladder. Here are the top reasons as to why you should consider an EMPBA – assuming that you are up for the challenge! From personal to professional, the benefits you stand to gain from embarking on an Executive Master Program are huge and life-changing, and whilst everyone experiences the program.

Close Gaps on Fundamental Business Skills

An EMPBA will give you a solid foundation in the fundamental practices of business needed to succeed in senior leadership roles. These are areas like finance, accounting, international political analysis, leading people and organisations, macro- and microeconomics, marketing, process and operations management, and strategy. Whether you’re an experienced manager, a career specialist or a business owner, you will need to have good grasp on the essential concepts in each area in order to progress to the next level in your organisation or make your business grow.

Develop a Range of Effective Leadership Styles

The concept and practice of leadership in business involves much more than managing others. It is also about helping your organisation adapt to the unknown. Leaders must be flexible, aware of their context, and able to adjust their leadership style to the situation at hand. Therefore, developing and improving your leadership skills is crucially important for a senior management role, and an EMPBA gives you the opportunity to do so.

New skills

The best way to learn something is to ‘just do it’! After several years in the work force you’ll have a vast array of skills and attributes next to your name. However, after experiencing a range of positions and facing the challenges that many a promotion offers, you may begin to feel slightly stagnant. It is human nature to want to learn, to be excited by situations that put us out of our comfort zone – which is exactly what an EMPBA will do.

Here are some of the new skills you’ll acquire in an Executive Master program :

  • new management skills and techniques to move towards increased responsibilities
  • strategic thinking, critical analysis, and a ‘bigger picture’ understanding
  • better communication and team building skills
  • These are skills that will make you the manager your employer is looking for, and the kind of manager your staff wants to learn from.


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