Travel And Tourism Management

Travel And Tourism Management



 Tourism Management- Paper 1st

 Tourism Development  – Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Tourism Management- Paper 1st   (IIBM- E1081)

S.No. Topics
 1 Tourism: Introduction:-Concept of Tourism, Nature of Tourism: Leiper Model, Negative Impact of Tourism, Significance of Tourism, Classification, UN Conference on International Tourism, History of Tourism, Tourism in India, Suggestions for Appropriate Government Policy to Stimulate Tourism, Tourism Regulation, Future of Tourism.
2 Evolution of Tourism:-Epochs of Tourism, Travel Literature, Leisure Development and State Intervention.
3 Mass Tourism: Tourism in Modern Times
4 Geography of Tourism:-The World Scale, The National Scale, The Local Scale, Maps-A Guide to Tourist, Geographical Components of Tourism, Tourist Attractions, Festivals and Fairs of India.
5 Politics of Tourism
6 Tourist Motivation:-Demand for Tourism, Tourist Environment, Youth Tourism.
7 Statistical Measurement in Tourism:-International Source, Domestic Tourism, Limitations of Statistics.
8 Tourist Behaviour
9 Role of Travel Agencies:-Retail Travel Agent, Functions of a Modern Travel Agency, Inclusive Tours by Charter (ITC), Inclusive Tourism on Scheduled Services (ITX), Travel Organisations.
10 Transport and Tourism:-Road Transport Automobile, Rail Transport, Travel by Sea, Air Travel.
11 Accommodation: Hospitality Industry:-Hotels.
12 Evolution of Hospitality Industry
13 Management of Hospitality Industry:-Development of Hotels, Hotels Grading Schemes, Hotel Facilities, The Hotel Front Office and Reception, The Guest Cycle.
14 Marketing in Tourism:-The Holiday Tourist, The Business Tourist, The Common Interest Tourism, Marketing Tools.
15 Economic, Social and Ecological Impacts of Tourism:-Economic Impact of Tourism, Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism: Positive and Negative Effects, Sex-Tourism-A Modern Disease, Tourism and Pollution, Eco-Tourism, Problems of Tourism.
16 Promotion and Development of Tourism
17 Tourism in India:-Architecture and Sculptures as Attraction, Sun, Sand and Surf.

  Curriculum of Tourism Development – Paper 2nd   (IIBM- E1082)

S.No Topics
1 Historical Dimensions:-Travel in Prehistoric Times, Travel in Middle Ages, Early Pleasure Travel, The Grand Tour and the Renaissance, Travel in the Industrial Age, Development of Early Transportation Systems, Development of Modern Transport Systems, Advent of High Speed Trains.
2 Emergency of Modern Mass Tourism:-Post-World War II Phenomenon, Main Tourist Generators in the 60s, Expansion of Tourism in the 90s, The Social Causes, The Technological Causes.
3 Psychological Dimensions of Travel:-Tourism as Behaviour, Early Influences, Motivation, Travel Motivators.
4 Economic Dimensions:-The WTO Conference, The Manila Declaration, The Economic Impacts, The Economic Significance, Tourism Economic Multiplier, Infrastructure, Regional Development, Employment, Employment Multiplier, Cultural Resources, International Understanding.
5 International Dimensions:-Measurement of Tourism, Importance of Tourist Statistics, Defining “Tourist”, Defining International Tourism, Defining Domestic Tourist, General Problems of Measurement, Types of Tourist Statistics, Methods of Measurement, Data Sources for Travel and Tourism, Planning a Survey.
6 The Organisation of Tourism:-The Need for Organisation, Factors Influencing Type of Organisation, UN  Conference Recommendations, The National Tourist Organisation, Functions of the National Tourist Organisation, Tourist Organisation in India, Tourist Organization in Italy.
7 International Tourism Organisations:-Early History, International Union of Official Travel Organisation, World Tourism Organisation, Pacific Asia Travel Association, PATA Chapters, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Travel Commission, India Ocean Tourism Organisation.
8 Tourist Accommodation:-Brief History, Emergence of Hotel, Types of Hotels, Supplementary Accommodation, Time-Share and Resorts, Grading Systems, Geographical Distribution.
9 The Role of the Travel Agency:-Thomas Cook as Travel Agent, The Grand Circular Tour, The American Express Company, Profile of Modern Travel Agency, Setting up of a Travel Agency, The Tour Operator, Group Inclusive Tour, Travel Organisation.
10 Tourism Planning and Development:-Planning for Tourism, Co-Ordination in Planning, The Planning Process, Tourist Demand and Supply, Environment Planning, Carrying Capacity, Importance of Tourism Planning.
11 Marketing for Tourism:-The Marketing Evolution, Mass Production and the Markets, Marketing Concept, Marketing in Travel and Tourism, The Tourist Product, Market Segmentation, Special Features, Marketing Functions, The Marketing Mix, Tourist Marketing Mix.
12 Marketing Communication:-Advertising, Planning the Advertising, Advertising Campaign, The Creative Strategy, The Media Mix, Sales Support, Sales Support Techniques, Public Relations, Public Relation Techniques, Tourist Publicity, Tourist Publicity Methods, The Brand Concept, Tourist Publicity Media.
13 Tourism in India:-Early History, Ancient Civilization, Travel through the Ages, Accounts of Early Travelers, Early Travel Patterns, India-A Land of all Seasons, Development of Tourism, The Sargent Committee, Tourism Organisation, Setting up of Tourist Information Offices, Overseas Tourist Offices, Setting up of the Department of Tourism, Present Position.

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