Six Sigma Management



 Six Sigma Green Belt- Paper 1st

 Six Sigma Black Belt- Paper 2nd

 Curriculum of Six Sigma Green Belt- Paper 1st (IIBM – E1007)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction:- Six Sigma-Basic Concepts, Organizational Drivers and Goals, Lean-Concepts and Tools, Theory of Constraints.
2 Six Sigma –Define Phase:-Process Management, Project Management, Team Dynamics and Communication, Tools used in Define Phase.
3 Six Sigma-Measure Phase:-Statistics, Probability and Probability Distribution, Measurement System Analysis, Process Performance Analysis.
4 Six Sigma-Analyze Phase:-Data Analysis, Test of Hypothesis, Design of Experiment, FMEA and QFD.
5 Six Sigma-Improve Phase:-Design of Experiment, FEMA and QFD.
6 Six Sigma-Control Phase:-Statistical Process Control, Control Planning.

 Curriculum of Six Sigma Black Belt- Paper 2nd (IIBM – E1008)

S.No. Topics
 1 The Broad View Toward an Enterprise:- Six Sigma:Basic Concepts, Concept of Leadership, Peoples Involved in Project Activity..
2 Process, Management and Measures in Organization:-Stakeholders, Concept of CTx, Benchmarking, Tools in Business Performance Measures, Project Benefits in Financial Terms.
3 Dynamics of Team Management:-Team formation, Facilation and Dynamics, Various Tools used in Teams Functioning.
4 Define Phase:-Voice of Customer, Project Charter and Project Tracking.
5 Measure Phase:-Process essentials, Data: Collection and Measurement, Statistics, Probability and Process Capability.
6 Analyze and Improve Phase:-Analyze, Improve.
7 Control Phase:-SPC and Control Tools, Sustaining Improvements.

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