Sales Management



 Sales and Distribution Management – Paper 1st

 Management of a Sales Force – Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Sales and Distribution Management- Paper 1st   (IIBM- E1075)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts:-Personal Selling, Definition of Sale and Salesmanship, marketing Environment, Sales Management Environment, Sales Forecasting, Sales Planning Process, Sales Management Process, Different Sales Strategies, Methods of Selling.
2 Organizing and Executing the Sales:-Sales Department Relations, Prospecting, Preapproach: Planning the Sale, The Approach, Need Assessment, The Presentation, Meeting Objections, gaining Commitment, Closing the Sales and Follow-up, Closing Sales, Theories of Selling, Sales Personality.
3 Sales Force Management:-Recruitment Sources, Recruitment Process, Selection process, Training Sales Representatives, Supervising Sales Representatives, Buyer-Seller Dyads, types of Selling Jobs, Salesman Motivation, motivation Model, Disciplined Work, Motivation Theory, Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory, Theory X and Theory Y, Contemporary views on Motivation, Salesman Compensation Technique, Sales Budgeting Procedures, Sales Quota, Sales Force Management System.
4 Overview of Distribution Management:-Consumer Marketing channel, Industrial Marketing Channel, Road Transportation, Railways, Water Transport, Air, Pipelines, Ropeways, Freight Management, Containerization, Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Competitive Performance, Physical Distribution Management, The Systems or ‘Total’ Approach to PDM, Distribution and Logistics Cost.
5 Managing Marketing Intermediaries:– Wholesaler, Intermediaries, Merchant Wholesalers, Sole Distributionship, Franchising, retail Outlets, Department Stores, Chain Stores or Multiple Shops, Supermarkets, Channel Design, Multilevel Marketing (MLM)/Network Marketing, Network Marketing Success Stories in India.

 Curriculum of Management of a Sales Force – Paper 2nd   (IIBM- E1076)

S.No. Topics
 1 Sales Planning:-Introduction, The Process and Functions, The Percentage of Time Spent on the Functional Activities by Organisational Level, Factors that can Affect Sales.
2 The Selling Process:-Introduction, Transaction versus Relationship Selling, Approaches to Selling.
3 Territory Management:-What is Territory Management? , How to do Territory Management / Planning? , The Money Plan, Sales Territory Management and Mapping, A Powerful Productivity Tool, Sales Territory Alignment: Grow Sales with Adding Resources.
4 Sales Control:-Need and Importance of Sales Control, The Sales Control Process, Accounting Techniques, Sales Volume Analysis Technique, Sales Cost Analysis Techniques, Salesman Control Techniques, Other Methods, The Sales Funnel.
5 Sales Training:-Introduction, Assessing Current Sales Training Needs.
6 Role of an Area Sales Manager:-The Emerging Role of the Sales Manager, The Optimal Role of the Sales Manager, Barriers to Sales Managers Performing their Optimal Role, Reinventing the Sales Managers Role.
7 How Can First Line Sales Managers be more effective? – A Research Finding Report:-How to be an Effective First Line Sales Manager? , Qualities of a Successful First Line Manager, Problems Encountered by First Line Managers.
8 How to Build Team Spirit and Get Best Sales Performance:-Develop Team not Individual Alone, Smile within the Organisation, Sale Grid to Assess Personality, Recognize Team Destroyers and take Corrective Measures.
9 Sales Incentives:-Introduction, Types of Incentives, Evaluating the Incentive.
10 What Motivates the Indian Managers?:-Research  Methodology of this Study, Factors which Motivates Indian Managers.
11 Job Description and Analysis of Sales and Marketing Personnel:-Job Description, Span of Control in Sales Management.
12 Recruiting and Selecting:-Introduction, Recruitment and Selection Process, Planning Process, Job Analysis, Job Description.
13 A Wave after Wave Working (WaW) – A Strategy for Increasing Sales Productivity of Field Personnel in Today’s Competitive Environment:-Brand Recall Tracking, How Field Working can Help to Improve Sales.
13B Consultative Selling: A Tool to Improve the Medical Representative’s Images and his Productivity:-Know More About Consultative Selling – An Emerging Tool, Techniques of Following, Consultative Selling.
14 Collectivism and Personal Selling  in Small Business – The Case of New Zealand, Portugal and Hungary:-Introduction, Personal Selling, Personal Selling as a Promotional Tool, Personal Selling and Small Retailers, Personal Selling and Culture, The Relationships, Sample Characteristics, Results.
15 How UCP Pulls the Customers to Increase Sales – An Innovative Approach in Communication – An in-depth Analysis:-Introduction to the Topic on UCP, Problems in Communication, Why UCP is Important in Communication.
16 Impact of Positioning on Sales – Case Study of Newspapers:-General Overview: Newspaper Sector, Concept of Positioning in Selling, Leader, Challenger, Follower Concept, General Information About Newspaper Industry, How to Formulate Research Methodology? , DNA, The Indian Express, Hypothesis, Research Methodology and  Sampling Design,  Customer Perception, Company Communication Vis-à-vis Consumer Perception – How it Gets Distorted? , Importance of Supplements.
17 Emerging Role of Event Management in Pharma Marketing:-Introduction to Event Management, Organisation of Street Shows through Patient’s Awareness Programme as Event Management Tool, Organizing Health Camps, DTC Approach, Organizing Doctors Meet, Organizing a Contest for Doctors, Application of Social Marketing in Event Management,
18 Are Standards of Medical Representative Really Falling?:- Reasons  of Falling Standards of Sales Personnel, Areas of Deterioration
19 Negotiation – How it can be Taught Effectively to Students:-Introduction, Literature Review, Results and Discussion.

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