Safety Management



 Safety Management- Paper 1st

 Industrial Safety Management- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Safety Management- Paper 1st (IIBM- E1077)


S.No Topics
1 Accident Causation and Prevention
2 Be A Successful Safety Management
3 Behavioral Based Safety
4 Electrical Safety
5 Energy Conservation
6 Fire Protection
7 Good House Keeping
8 Historical Development of Safety Movement
9 Home Safety
10 Importance of Industrial Safety
11 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE )
12 Risk Management/Emergency Preparedness Plan
13 Road Safety
14 Safety Rules in Industries
15 Safety Slogans
16 Safety Thoughts
17 Tool Safety
18 Training in Safety
19 Work Place Safety
20 Work Permit System
21 Industrial Hazards
22 Hazard Evolution Techniques
23 Pep Talk/Tool Box Meeting at Work Place
24 Safe Handing, Operation and Use
25 ‘On-Site’ and ‘Off-Site’ Emergency Plans
26 Basic Elements of Safety Programmes

Curriculum of Industrial Safety Management– Paper 2nd   (IIBM- E1078)

S.No. Topics
 1 Industrial Safety:-Introduction, What is Safety?, Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP), Fundamentals of Industrial Safety, Types and Categorisation, Accident.
2 Accident Prevention:-What is Accident Prevention?, Maintenance and Inspection, Monitoring Techniques, General Accident Prevention, Safety Education and Training.
3 Safety Organisation:-Basis Elements of Organised Safety, Duties of the Safety Officer, Safe Work Practices, Safety Sampling and Inspection, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Safety Survey, On-Site and Off-Site Emergency Plan, Reporting of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences.
4 Fire Hazard and Fire Fighting:-Fire, Fire Fighting Techniques, Categories of Portable Fire Extinguishers, Selecting a Portable Fire Extinguisher, Automatic Fire Detection Systems and Fire Fighting Systems, Means of Escape in Fire Emergency, Factors Affecting Means of Escape.
5 Safety in Construction Industry:-Road Construction, Safety Signage, Safety in Buildings Industry, Builiding Site Electricity, Mechanical Safety, Cost Factor, Electrical Safety, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, Electrical Hazards, Electric Shock, Electric Flashover, Electric Fire and Explosions, Power Plant and Power Transmission Safety, Safety in Chemical Industry, Haz Chem Code, Hazard Associated, Follow-up Action, Safety in Explosive Manufacturing and Testing Industry, Safety in Hospital Industry (Radiation Safety),

G-fuel, Unsymmetrical Dimethydrazine (UDMH), Safety in Hotel Industry, Safety in Oil, Gas Industry (Tankers), Fire Protection Considerations, Earthquake Management and Safety, Rail Safety, Aviation Safety, Safety in Stone Crushing Industry, Safety of Ship Voyage, Drug and Alcohol Hazard, Personal Life-saving Appliances, Fire Control Plans and Muster List, Mines Safety.

6 Occupational Health Hazards (Industry wise):-Health, Are You a Winner, or a Loser?, Wounds, External and Internal Bleeding, Burns and Scalds, Foreign Bodies in the Eye and Skin, Shock, Heart Attack, Poisoning, External Heart Compression.
7 Environment:-Introduction, Work Environment, Remedy, Pollution of Marine Environment and Prevention, Basic Environment Protection Procedures, Protection of Environment in Global Scenario, Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change Impacts, GHG Mitigation Option, Sinks and Barriers, Clean Technologies by Developing Countries.
8 Security Management:-Introduction, The Principles of Security, Recruitment of Guarding Staff, What is Security?, Economics of Security, Theft Perception, Terrorism, Sabotage, Kidnapping of Heads/Key Personnel, Violence at Work Places, Hijacking, Communal Riot.
9 Industrial Security (Industry wise):-General Security System in Factories, Aviation Security, Computer Security, Banking Security, V.I.P. Security, Women Security, Event Security, Security in Open Environments, Use of Dogs in Security Management, Developing a Positive Attitude Towards Security Management, Private Security Vrs. Govt. Security.
10 Security Organisation:-Security, Recruitment of Security Team, Security Accommodation on Site, Security Management for 21st Century, Code of Ethics for Security Guard, CCTV Operation Training, Retention.

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