Project Management



 Strategic Cost Management- Paper 1st

 Project Management in Information Technology- Paper 2nd

 Curriculum of  Strategic Cost Management- Paper 1st(IIBM E1021)

S.No. Topics
 1 Cost-Benefit Analysis:- Cost Benefit Analysis with Reference to Strategic Business Decision Making, Cost Management Practices.
2 Cost Management Practices:- Value Analysis and Value Engineering, Wastage Control, Business Process Re-Engineering, Total Quality Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Cost Control And Reduction
3 Product Life Cycle Costing:- Product Life Cycle Costing
4 Activity-based Management:- Activity-Based Management
5 Value Chain Analysis:- Value Chain Analysis and Long Term Cost Management
6 Balanced scorecard:- Balanced Score Card
7 Target Costing:- Target Costing
8 Profit Variance Analysis:- Profit Variance Analysis
9 Cost Audit and Management:- Cost Audit And Management
10 Strategic Cost Benefit Analysis:- Strategic Cost Benefit Analysis, Restructuring  Propositions

 Curriculum of Project Management in Information Technology – Paper 2nd(IIBM -E1020)

S.No. Topics
 1 Project Concept:-Project Concept Overview, Reviewing Project Ideas, Figuring out a Project’s Feasibility, Requirements and feasibility, The Business Requirement Document, Developing a Project Concept Plan, The Project Requirements Document (PRD), Recommendations for Management, Summary of Deliverables by Department.
2 Project Design:-Project Design Overview, The Project Design Phase, IT’s Role in Project Design, The Design Review, The Role of Other Team Members Play, Creating the Integrated Schedule, Creating a Baseline Cost Document, Creating a Team, Creating Team Minutes.
3 Project Development:-Project Development Overview, Tasks Completed During Project Development. The Beta Plan, The Development Review, Other Team Members Take Care of their Deliverables, Ways a project manager can Minimize Problems, Updating the Integrated Schedule and baseline Cost Document, The Project Development Presentation, Recommendations for management and Team Members.
4 Quality Assurance:-Quality Assurance Overview, tasks Completed During Quality Assurance, Identifying Beta Sites, creating a project Announcement Plan, The Release Plan, The Roles of Team Members.
5 Beta:-Beta Overview, managing a Beta Site, A Monitored-Release Project, The Beta Debrief and Release Plan Review, Recommendations for Management and Team Members, The Roles of Team Members .
6 Release:-release overview, Tasks Completed During Release, Recommendations for Management and Team Members, The Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members.
7 General Availability:-Overview of General Availability, Tasks Completed During General Availability, Maintaining A Project Once It Is Released, Recommendations for Management.
8 End of Life:-Overview of End of Life(EOL), Tasks Completed During End of Life, Documents created During End of Life Phase.

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