Personnel Management



 Personnel Management- Paper 1st

 Compensation Management- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Personnel Management- Paper 1st(IIBM-E1065)

S.No. Topics
 1 Concept of Personnel Management
2 Functions, Policies and Roles
3 Organizing the Human Resource Management Department
4 Human Resource Management in India
5 Human Resource and Audit
6 Human Resource Planning
7 Training and Development
8 Work Life, Job Satisfaction and Morale
9 Worker Participation
10 Counseling for Effective Human Resource Development
11 Human Relations
12 Collective Bargaining
13 Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
14 Employee Training and Development: Reasons and Benefits

Curriculum of Compensation Management- Paper 2nd(IIBM – E1066)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction:- State Employment Policy, 2005,Objectives of the Mission, Policy Initiatives, Strengthening of Co-operative Movement, Compensation Management at a Glance.
2 Motivation And Reward:- Role Of Rewards And Incentives In Motivation, Herzberg’s Model, Factors Affecting Satisfaction With Pay, Job Satisfaction, Motivation And Performance, Key Message Of Motivation Theory, Importance Of Expectations, Influence Of Goals, Rewarding Sales Staff.
3 Individual Contingent Pay:- Arguments For Contingent Pay, Criteria For Success.
4 Concept of Internal and External Equity:- Job Evaluation, Methods of Job Evaluation, External Equity and Pay Surveys.
5 Wage Concept:- Different Wage Concepts
6 Factors Affecting Levels of Pay:-
7 Economic Theories Affecting Compensation:- Macro Theories, Micro-Macro Theories.
8 Team Pay:- Objectives of Team PayAdvantages and Disadvantages of Team Pay.
9 Wage Fixing Machinery:- Wage Boards, Terms of Reference, Procedure and Methodology, an Assessment of Wage Board Method, Sixth Pay Commission, Collective Bargaining.
10 Fringe Benefits:- Objectives of Fringe Benefits, Evalution of Fringe Benefits, Objectives and types of Fringe, Categories of Fringe, Dearness Allowance or Cost Of Living Allowance, Methods Of Computing DA, Abolition Of DA.
11 Retirement Benefits Including VRS:- Pension Employees, Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act 1952, Gratuity
12 Reservation In Services:- List of Scheduled Castes, List of Scheduled Tribes, List of Other Backward Classes.
13 Bonus:- Introduction, Beginnings of Bonus in India, Payment of Bonus, Calculation of Amount Payable as Bonus, Payment of Maximum Bonus.
14 Contract Labour In India:- Introduction, The Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition) Act, 1970, Objects and Purchase of the Act, Registration of Establishment and Licensing of Contractors, Welfare and Health of Contract Labour.
15 Tax Planning:- Tax Planning of Employee Compensation, Tax Implications of Employees Compensation Package to the Employer, Tax Implications of Compensation to the Employees.
16 Oustees From Dam: Resettlement of Project Affected People:- Rural Rehabilitation Package.
17 Equal Pay for Equal Work:- Causes of Inequality, Wages- Differentials in India, Movement for Equalisation, Economics Consequences.
18 Methods of Wage Payment:- Time-Rates and Piece-Rates, Bonus Based on Standard Time, Differential Piece-Rates and Progressive Bonus Systems.
19 Job Evaluation:- Job Evaluation Methods, Preliminary Steps-Job Analysis and Job Description, Job Evaluation in India, Methods of Job Evaluation, Use of Job Evaluation.
20 Incentives:- Incentives, Compensation Programme, Executive Compensation Practices, Personalized Compensation Plan Tax Executives, Non-Financial Incentives, Promotion Policies as Motivators.
21 Wages and Productivity:- Wages and Productivity.
22 Executive and International Compensation and a Reference to Executive Compensation in India:– International Compensation, Executive Remuneration.
23 National Wage Policy:- Objectives of Wage Policy, Wage Policy in the Five-Year Plans.
24 Wage Legislation:- The Payment of Wages Act, 1936, The Minimum Wages Act, 1948, Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Equal Remuneration Act 1976.

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