International Business Management



 International Business Management- Paper 1st

 Global Marketing Management- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of International Business Management- Paper 1st   (IIBM – E1015)

S.No. Topics
 1 International Business:-International Business, International Business in India, History of International Business, Reasons for Foreign Entry, Patterns of International Business, Foreign Direct Investment.
2 Multinational Corporations:-Multinational Corporations, Evolution of Multinational Corporation, Organization Design and Structure of International Corporation, Comparison amongst IC, MNC, GC and TNC, Market Imperfections, Business Environmental Analysis, External Influence on International Business.
3 International Business Strategy:-Introduction, Internationalization, Management Philosophies, International Marketing Strategy.
4 Product:-Local, National, International and Global, The Qualities of a Global Brand, Global Product Positioning, New Products in Global Marketing, International Product Strategies.
5 Pricing:-Basic Pricing Concepts, Global Pricing Strategies.
6 Distribution and Promotion: –Advertising Appeals and Product, The Growing Role of Public Relations in Global Marketing Communications, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Trade Shows and Exhibitions, Sponsorship Promotion, Global E-Marketing.
7 Introduction to International Financial Management:-Financial Environment, Currency Terminology, Globalization of Financial Market, Recent Changes in International Financial Market, Balance of Payments, Balance of Trade (BOT), Foreign Exchange Market, Economic Theories of Exchange Rate Determination, Exchange Rate Forecasting, Foreign Exchange Risk.
8 International Cash Management:-Cash Management in Multinational Corporations, Centralized Cash Management System, Advantages of Centralized Cash Management System, Problems Involved in the Centralized Cash Management System, Practical Issues in Cash Management.
9 Globalization and HRM:-Introduction, Staffing Policy, International Labour Relations, Performance Appraisal, Compensation.
10 Cultural, Legal and Political Business Environment:-Cultural Environment, Legal Environment, Political Environment, Economic Environment

Curriculum of Global Marketing Management- Paper 2nd   (IIBM – E1016)

S.No. Topics
 1 Global Marketing Management:-National & Global Marketing-Barriers in Global Marketing Management-5P’s in Global Marketing.
2 Managing Marketing- Defining Customer Value and Satisfaction:-Retaining Customer Value and Satisfaction-Implementing Total Quality Marketing-Competitive Marketing Strategies.
3 Marketing Mix-Product Mix:—Product Strategies and Product Planning-Branding and Packaging Decisions-Pricing Strategies-Promotional Strategies. Distribution-Distribution Strategies.
4 Globalization and Global Competitiveness:- Meaning-Stages-Foreign Market Entry Strategies-Pros and Cons of Globalization-Social Issues-Indicators of Competitiveness-Competitive Advantage of Nations-Technology and Global Competitiveness.
5 Information Technolgy:- New Information Technologies-Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)-E-Business;Future of Global Business.

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