Human Resource Management



 Human Resource Development and Training- Paper 1st

 Industrial Relations & Labour Laws- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Human Resource Development and Training- Paper 1st (IIBM – E1003)

S.No. Topics
 1 HRD: Concept and Benefits:-HRD Concept, Benefits, Pre-requisities, Its Distinction from HRM, HRD as a total System, Modern HRD Mechanisms, HRD in India.
2 HRD as a Total System:-Development: Analyzing the Role for Development.
3 Management Development:-Management Development: Concept, Need, and Management Development Methods.
4 Training: Meaning, Role and Needs:-Meaning, Role, Assessing Needs for Training, Organizing Training Programmes.
5 Training: Methods and Evaluation:-training Methods, Evaluation of Training.
6 Performance Appraisal:-Concept, Need, Objectives, Methods, Obstacles, Designing Effective Appraisal System, Performance Appraisal in Indian Organisations.
7 Potential Appraisal:-Concept, Need, Procedures, Requirements of a Good Appraisal System.
8 Job Enrichment:-Concept, Principles, Steps for Job Enrichment, Job and Work Redesign.
9 Quality of Work Life:-Meaning, Origin, Development and Various Approaches to QWL, Techniques for Improving QWL.
10 Quality Circles:-Concept, Structure, Role of Management, Quality Circles in India.
11 Management of Careers

Curriculum of Industrial Relations Labour & Laws Paper 2nd  (IIBM – E1004)

S.No. Topics
 1 Industrial Relations:-Concept, Evolution and Approaches, Economy and Labour Force in India.
2 Influence of State, Trade Unions and Employers’ Organization in Industrial Relations:-Role of State, Trade Union, Employers’ Organization in Industrial Relations in India.
3 Trade Unions:-Theoretical Foundations, Trade Union Act 1926, Trade Union Structures, Management of Trade Unions in India.
4 Contract of Employment:-The Contract of Employment: Introduction, The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946, The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970.
5 Dispute Resolution and Industrial Harmony:-Industrial Conflict, Legal Framework – The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, Right to Strike, Voluntary and Statutory Measures for Prevention and Settlement of Industrial Dispute, ESMA (Essential Service Maintenance Act), 1981.
6 Collective Bargaining:-Industrial Democracy: Collective Bargaining: Introduction, Nature, Levels, Legal Framework, Negotiating Techniques and Skills, Workers Participation in Management and Impact on IR.
7 Workers’ Participation in Management:-Introduction, Workers’ Participation in Management, Workers’ Ownership as Turnaround Management, Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP), Profit Sharing, Quality of Work Life (QWL), Quality Circles, Work Empowerment.
8 Public Policy and Wage Reward System:-Introduction, Wage System in India, The Payment of Wages Act 1936, Minimum Wages Act 1948, The Payment of Bonus Act 1965.
9 Labour Administration, Issues and its Reforms:-Labour Administration, Issues in Labour Policies and Labour Law Reform.
10 Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986:-The Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act,1986.
11 Industrial Relations in India, USA, UK, Japan and China:-Comparative study of IR in India, USA, UK, Japan & China, Contemporary Issues in IR.

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