Hotel Management



 Managing Hotel Operations- Paper 1st

 Front Office Operations- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Managing Hotel Operations- Paper 1st  (IIBM- E1047)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction to Check-In and Check-Out:-Check-In, Guest House Check-In, Airport Check-In.
2 Elements and Dimensions of Check-In and Check-Out: An Overview:-Taking a Reservation, Checking Guests In and Out, Check-Out and Settlement, Role of Hotel, Motel and Resort Desk Clerks.
3 Check-In and Check-Out, Hotel Reservation and Front Desk Software:-Software Overview, Software Features, Web Based Hotel Reservation Engine, General Modules and Features of Hotel Front Desk Software, Types of Hotel Front Desk Software.
4 Job Description for Guest Services Management: An Overview:-Job Descriptions for Guest Services Management, Role of ‘Guest Services Agent in a Hotel’, Duties of a Guest Services Agent, Managing Guest Check-Ins and Check-Outs, Model Check-In Policy and Welcome Letter, Flexibility With Check-In and Checkout Days?, Model Pre-Arrival Information for Vacation Rental Guests, Welcome Baskets and Gifts for Your Vacation  Rental Guests, Model Welcome Gift for Guests, Model Welcome Book for Guests, Way to Book Last-Minute Rentals at Your Vacation Home, Sample Checkout Policy and Departure Checklist, Model Guest Service Agent Resume, Model Job Description.
5 Description of Select Facilities and Amenities at Guest Houses and Hotels:-Ballroom, Parlour, Living Room, Family Room, Recreation Room, Outhouse, Toilet, Bathroom, Shower, Sauna, Hotel Management Matters, Customer Service, Guests Services in Hospitality Industry Presentation Transcript, Achieving Excellence in Guest Service Training, Seven keys to Improving Casino Guest Service.
6 Focus on Travel Document Boarding Pass and Airline Ticket:-Travel Documents, Boarding Pass, Travel Class, Arrival Card, Departure Card, Airline Ticket, Electronic Ticket, E Ticket.
7 Description of Facilities and Amenities at Airport and in Aircraft:-Airport, Airport Lounge, Aircraft, Flush Toilet.

 Curriculum of Front Office Operations- Paper 2nd (IIBM- E1048)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction:-Reception Office Lay-outFront Office Services, Various Section of the Front Office, Front Office Systems, The Reservation Office, The Hotel Diary, Computer Systems.
2 The Nature and Structure of Hotel Industry:-Industry Knowledge, Hotel Product, Sales Techniques and Product Knowledge, Hotel Market and Customer Profile.
3 Front Office Organisation:- Front Office Staff and Their Duties, Qualities of Front Office Staff, Communication, Personal Hygiene, Guest Services and Caring for Customers.
4 Preparing for Guest Arrivals:-Receiving, Registration, Reservation, Reception, Key Card, Departmental Notification Form Slips, Arrivals and Departure List, Guests Luggage, Departure Procedure, Checking-In Guests, Checking-Out-Guests, Issuing and Controlling Room Keys, Handling Mail and Message, Front Office Statistics, Room Forecasts.
5 Selling Accommodation:-Ways for Sale of Accomodation.
6 Handling Special Situations:- Chance Arrival, Over Booking, Change of Rooms, Handling Complaints, Recording Complaints, Fire Emergency, First-Aid, On the Spot Treatment of Casualties, Basic Treatment of Wounds, Minor Burns, Scalds and Other Minor Injuries, Security, Front Office Procedure for Emergencies.
7 Lobby:-Responsibilites of Lobby Staff, Departments Co-ordinating with the Lobby.
8 Communication Equipment:-Telephone, Various Types of Telephone Exchange, Equipment Used in Telephone Operating, Qualities of a Good Telephone Operator, Telephone Mannerism, Coordination with Other Departments in the Hotel, General Duties and Responsibilites of the Telephone Department, Telex, Using the Telex and Fax
9 Front Office Cashier:-Job Description of Front Office Cashier, Duties of Front Office Cashier, Cheque, Hotel Credit, Deposit, Visitors Account, Foreign Currency, Safe Deposits in Hotel, Safe Custody of Valuables.
10 Computer in Front Office:-Reservation and Room Management by Computers, Communication and related Reception Applications, Descreet and Integrated Systems, Advantage; Costs and Applications.
11 Front Office Control And Statistics:-Controlling Visitors Account, Visitors Disbursements, Restaurant Control, Bar Control.
12 Short Notes:- Telex, Hotel Dairy, The Advance Reservation Chart, The Destiny Chart, The Whitney System, The Guest History Card, Traveler’s Cheque, Alphabetical Guest Index, Key And Mail Rack, Travel Agent Coupons, Receipts, Arrival and Departure List, Arrival And Departure Notification, Maid’s Report Sheet, Extension of Stay, Luggage Passes, Call Sheets, Group Reservation, Guest Folio.

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