Hospitality Management



 Hospitality Management- Paper 1st

 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing- Paper 2nd

 Curriculum of Hospitality Management- Paper 1st     (IIBM- E1045)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction:-The Hospitality Industry, Department and Growth, Business Demand Development, Expansion of the Indian Hotel Industry, The concept of Globalization.
2 The Management of a Hotel:-Functions of Management, Quality Management, Strategic Management, Strategy, Structures.
3 Scientific Management and Operation of Hospitality Services:- Scientific Management of Service, Attributes of Service, Team Work and Communication, Culture, Motivation and Recondition, A Sense of Belongingness, Shared Goals, Complementary Skills and Attributes, Organizational Health Checks, Hotel Operation Theories, Operational Strategy, Hospitality Operations, Operational Strategies in Hotel Industry, Operational Performance, Teamwork, Measuring Performance.
4 The Scope and Functioning of a Hotel:-Minimum Standards for Tourist Accommodation, Manpower requirement Guidelines for Hotels, Computers and Data Processing, Use of Computers Information Technology, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), Audit and Accounts.
5 The Guest in a Hotel:-Invitees and Licencees, Responsibilities of a Hotel.
6 Department Structure:-Operating Departments, The General Manager, Departmental Contacts,
7 Front Office Operations:-Components of the accommodation, Other Functions of the Front Office.
8 Uniform and Guest Services:-Services provided by Uniformed Services, Control in Staff Manager’s Office.
9 Housekeeping:-Areas under Executive Housekeeper, Functions of Housekeeping Department.
10 Linen and Uniforms:-Functions, Staff include in the section.
11 Kitchen and its Operations:-Activities related to the Food, Kitchen Equipment and Layout, Main Sections of a Kitchen, Main Production Centre, Ancillary Food Production, Non Cooking Staff, Staff Mess Control.
12 Restaurant Operations:- Food Services, The Grill Room, The Coffee Shop, Cocktail Lounge, The Lounge, Cover, Hygiene, Positions in a Food and Beverage Department, Room Service, Billing, Beverage Sales Control, Control.
13 Bar Operations:-Types of Bars, Excise Laws, Bar Control.
14 Stewarding:-Executive Kitchen Steward, Night Duty Steward.
15 Sales and Marketing:-Advertising, Press Conference, Construction Plans.
16 Engineering and Maintenances:-Maintenance Plan, Chief Engineer, Areas under Engineering Department, Maintenance and Engineering Control.
17 Administration and Human Resources Development:-Duties/Functions of the Personnel Department, Positions under Personnel Department, Control in Timekeeper’s Office.
18 Accounting and Finance Control:-Main points in Purchasing Decisions, Management Control Cycle, Budgeting, Role of individuals under Accounting & Finance Department, Classification of Employees Duties of Auditor Control of Trade Accounts, Cash Control, Foreign Currency, Cheques, Visitor’s Pay-outs, Staff Bar Tickets.
19 Laundry:-Guest Laundry, House Laundry, Laundry Control.
20 Sub-Rentals and Concessions:-Income from Rental.
21 Facilities:-Telephone and Telex, Garage and Parking Lot, Swimming Pools; Cabanas and Baths, Expenses, Valet, Tobacconists; Cigars and Newsstand, Gift Shops and Souvenirs, Barber Shop/Hair Dressing Saloon, Beauty Parlour, Concierge, Florist/ Horticulture, Entertainment and Recreation Facilities, Checkrooms and Washrooms.
 22 Banquet Functions Conferences and Catering Operations:-Functions, Meeting Rooms, The Conference Room, Organization, Banqueting Control, Equipment, Booking the Banquet, Industrial catering, Railway Catering, Ship Catering, Air Catering, Cafeterias, School and Hospital Catering, Hotel and Motel Catering.
23 Outdoor Catering or Mobile Catering:-Weddings, Banquets/Dinners.
24 Exhibitions and Other Income Sources:-Other Income Sources.
25 Purchase and Stores:-Division of Department, Methods of Purchasing, Control in Goods Receiving, Dry Goods Store (Provisions Store), Food and Beverages, The Kitchen, Still Room, Services Checks, General Stores, Issues From Stock.
26 Security and Safety:-Functions of Security, Security Precautions, Security of Premises, Security of Staff and Guests, Security of Keys.
27 Security Measures for Cash and Credit:-Guidelines for Security of Cash, Credit Losses.
28 Pilferage and Theft:-Handling Cases of Arrest and Search, Model Guidelines, In Case of Theft by Staff, Guard Against Dishonest Employees.
29 Maintenance of Buildings, Machinery and Equipment:-Inspection, Maintenance Procedure, Display of Notices.
30 Accident Prevention:-Safety and Security Measures, Safety Plan, Maintenance of Safe Working Conditions, Proper Maintenance of Accident Records, Handling of Bomb Threats.
31 Precautions Against Fire:-Causes of Fires, Design of Equipment, Surface Finishes of Walls and Ceilings, Legislation and Fire Precautions, Fire Certificate, Appeal, Enforcement, Penalties, Fire Precaution Requirement Guidance for Hotels and Tourist Accommodation, General Requirements, For Emergency Lighting, In Case of Fire, Fire Drills, type of Appliances, Housekeeping Standards, Potential Fire Risks.
32 Staff Training: Fire Drills and Procedures in Emergency Situations:-Guidelines for Instructions to Internal Staff; Fire Warden(s); Telephone Operators; Assembly Area Checker, Staff Training Checks, Maintenance and Building Checks, Treatment Guidelines, Accidents Prevention, Safety rules and Regulations, Legal Control on the Hotel Premises, Employees’ Health, Conditions of Work.



Curriculum of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing- Paper 2nd       (IIBM- E1046)


S.No. Topics
 1 Defining Hospitality:-Introduction, Development in Road Transport in 17th to Early 19thCentury, The Grand Tour, Authorisation to Travel, The Development of the Spas, The Rise of the Seaside Resorts, Conditions Favouring the Expansion of Travel in 19th Century, Other Late-19thcentury Development.
2 Marketing for Youth Customer:-Economic Impact, Exploring Nature Based and Cultural Educational Tourism, Literature Review, Evolution of Ecotourism, Key Considerations for Successful Ecotourism, Core Decision Makers
3 The Management of Australian Educational Tourism:-Challenges, Organisational Framework for Implementing Education Tourism at the Country, Organisational Framework Needed to Implement Regional Education Tourism, World Tourism Statistics and Rankings.
4 Hospitality Planning and Management:-What is Marketing, Recreation and Tourism Marketing, The Marketing Plan, Overall Business Objectives, Market Environment Analysis, Market Segmentation, Marketing Objectives for Each Segment, Marketing Mix, Marketing Budget, Implementation, Information Supply in Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing Information System, Analysis of the User Behaviour of Tour MIS.
5 Contemporary Food Marketing-Challenges & Ethical Issues:-Interests and Behaviors of the Marketers, Promotional Regulations, Food & Beverage, Profile of Key Responsibilities, Objective: To reduce Waste in our Operations, Objectives: To Minimise Pollution in the Delivery of our Services, Objective: To Minimise Pollution in the Delivery of our Services, Objective: To Minimise the Environmental Impact of Pest Control Operations, Objective: To Promote Environmental Awareness Through Educational Programmes and Campaigns.
6 Hospitality Markets:-Creating Jobs and Wealth, Contributing to Sustainable Development, Providing Infrastructure, Corporate Initiatives, Company Initiatives, Codes of Conduct, Industry Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism Problems, Coastal Impact of Tourism, Tourism Terrorism and Tomorrow, Improving Sustainability, Connecting the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach and Tourism, World Travel and Tourism Council.
7 Services for Hospitality Markets:-Concepts of Service Quality Measurement in Hotel Industry, Service Quality Measurement in Hotel Industry, Theoretical Criticism, Servqual Model in Croatian Hotel Industry, Marketing Strategies in Hotel Industry, Marketing Action Plan, The Strategy Hierarchy, Historical Development of Strategic Management, Information and Technology driven Strategy, The Psychology of Strategic Management, Limitations of Strategic Management.

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