Health and Hospital Management



 Hospital Administration- Paper 1st

 Hospital Care- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Hospital Administration- Paper 1st     (IIBM- E1043) 

S No. Topics
 1 Introduction:-Introduction
2 Hospital Administrator:-Role and Responsibilities, Profile of an Effective Hospital Administrator.
3 Managerial Skills:-Planning, Information System, Communication, Delegation, Decision Making, Monitoring and Evaluation, Managing Time, Meetings, Negotiations, Innovation.
4 Hospital Organization:-Structure and Function, Hospital Committees.
5 The Clinical Services:-The Medical Staff Organization.
6 The Nursing Services:-Nursing Service.
7 Specialized Service Areas:-Casualty Services, Disaster: Be prepared, Outpatient Services, Day Care, The Operating Department, Diagnostic Services, Medical Records, Pharmacy.
8 Human Resources:-Personnel, Performance Appraisal System
9 Materials Management:-Materials Management.
10 Finances:-Finances, Activity Based Costing in Hospitals.
11 Quality Assurance:-Quality Management in our Hospitals, Quality Management Programs: Techniques and Tools.
12 Infection Control:-Control of Hospital Acquired Infection.
13 Ethics and Law:-Ethics, Law Applicable to Hospitals, Consumer Protection Act,1986.
14 India’s Health Policy:-Hospitals in the Framework of India’s Health Policy

Curriculum of  Hospital Care- Paper 2nd  (IIBM- E1044) 

S No. Topics
 1 Quality in Health Care:-Structure, Process, Outcome.
2 Total Quality Management:-Evidence of Quality Problems, Quality Assurance Approach, Total Quality Management.
3 Tools of Quality Management:-Technical Tools, Nominal Group Technique, Clinical Guidelines.
4 Indicator in Quality Improvement
5 Hospital Accreditation:-Models of accreditation, Patient-centered standards, Health care Organization Management Standards, Accreditation of Health Services in India, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers.
6 Rights of the Patients
7 Quality in Laboratories:-Quality Assurance Activities, Safety in Laboratories.
8 Marketing and Quality:-Marketing, Branding, Quality Matters
9 Evaluation:-Evaluation Design.
10 Developing Practices for Safety:-Risk Management.
11 Health Care Financing:-Health Care, Reimbursement, Slowing growth of Health Care Costs.
12 Private-Public Partnerships in Health Care:-Private partner Selection and Obligations of the Partners, Quality of Services.
13 Indian Public Health Standards for district Hospitals:-Grading of District Hospitals, Essential Services, Diagnostic Services.
14 Important Legislations:-The Right to Information Act, The Parental Diagonistic Techniques Act,1994, Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994, Biomedical Waste Management and Handling Rules, 1998, MTP Act, 1971 and MTP(Amendment) Act, 2002, The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 with the drugs, Cosmetics Act, 1995 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules,1945, The Consumer Protection Act,1986, Disaster Management Act.
15 Hospital Architecture:-Patient Focused Hospitals, Hospital Design and Safety, Design for Adaptability, Security Concerns, Green Building, Seismic Design.
16 Hospital Infection Control Measures:-Infection Control Committee, Surveillance for Hospital Associated Infections, Isolation Practices, Disinfection.
17 Digital Hospital:-Benefits of Digitalization, How Secure is Digital Hospital?
18 Making Most of Manpower:-Job Performance, Observation, Interview, Critical Incident, Questionnaires.
19 Managing Organizations:-Leadership Skills, Leadership Styles, Delegation, Management by Objectives, Unionization, Management of Change, Typology of Change, Managing the Environment of Change, Facilitation of Change, Communications about Change, Stress Management, Decision Making.
20 Violence in Hospitals:-Risk Factors, Violence Prevention Program, Proactive Security Departments.
21 Utilization of Operation Theater:-Utilization Analysis, Scheduling Strategy.
22 Crisis Management in Hospital:-Human Resources, Logistics and Supplies, Communication.
23 Drug Utilization:-Units of Measurement for Drug Utilization, Prescription Register.

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