Finance Management



 International Finance – Paper 1st

 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of International Finance – Paper 1st (IIBM – E1001)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction to Foreign Exchange:-Introduction to Foreign Exchange Transactions – Current A/c & Capital A/c Transactions – BOP Concepts, Role of IMF, World Bank, WTO.
2 Balance of Payment:-Exchange Rate System, International Monetary System, Role of IMF, Fixed vs Floating Exchange Rates, Managed Floating, Evolution of Exchange Rate Mechanism in India.
3 International Financial Institutions:-FEMA/PMLA, Important Aspects of Differences, Functions of an Authorized Dealer, Concepts Regarding Nostro/vostro Accounts & Mirror Accounts.
4 Exchange Rate Mechanism:-Exchange Rate Determination, Direct & Indirect Quotations, Cross Rates, Merchant TT & Bill Rates.
5 Foreign Exchange Management Act:-Foreign Exchange Management Act, Authorised Dealers, Export of Goods and Services, FEMA Regulation for Import of Goods and Services, Possession and Retention of Foreign Currency, Policy on “Know Your Customer” (KYC) Standards/” Anti-Money Laundering” (AML) Measures.
6 Foreign Exchange Markets:-Market Conventions & Practices, Spot & Forward Rates, Factors affecting Spot & Forward Rates.
7 Parties in International Finance:-PPP Theorem, Its Limitations, Interests Rate Parity (IRP),Fisher Effect, Arbitrage.
8 International Market:-International Equity Market, International Debt Market, International Mutual Funds.
9 Foreign Trade Policy:-Export Promotion Measures, Duty Drawback Schemes, Foreign Trade Development Act 2002, Incentives to Exporters School of Business Management.
10 Letter of Credit:-Types of L/Cs, Introduction to UCP 600, Rights & Responsibilities of Parties under an L/C.
11 Behaviour of Exchange Rate:-Behaviour of Exchange Rates (Including Intra-Day Behaviour), Dealing Room Operations, Front office, Back office & Mid office Functions, Exchange Position/ Cash Position.
12 Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure:-Managing Foreign Exchange Risks, Transaction, Translation & Operating Exposures of Firms.
13 Derivatives:-Use of Derivatives, Currency Options, Futures & Swaps.
14 Capital Account Convertibility:-Capital Account Convertibility, Tarapore Committee Recommendations, Implementation of Recommendations.
15 Introduction to ECGC and EXIM Bank:-Role of ECGC & Exim Bank.

 Curriculum of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management- Paper 2nd (IIBM – E1002)

S.No. Topics
 1 Introduction to Capital Market:-New Issue Market, Stock Exchanges.
2 Risk and Return:-Concept of Risk and Return.
3 Introduction to Security Analysis:-Introduction to Security Analysis.
4 Fundamental Analysis:-Economic Analysis, Industry Analysis, Company Analysis.
5 Equity Valuation Models:-Balance Sheet Valuation, Dividend Discount Model, Free Cash Flow Models, Earnings.
6 Technical Analysis:-Charting Techniques & Technical Indicators.
7 Efficient Market Theory:-Efficient Market Theory.
8 Derivatives:-Concept of Derivatives (future and options).
9 Portfolio Management:-Introduction to Portfolio Management.
10 Portfolio Analysis:-Introduction to Portfolio Analysis.
11 Capital Market Theory:-Introduction to Capital Asset Pricing Theory (CML & SML), Arbitrage Pricing Theory.
12 Portfolio Performance Evaluation:-Portfolio for Performance Evaluation.
13 Portfolio Revision:-Introduction.

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