Event Management



 Event Management- Paper 1st

 Event Marketing Management- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Event Management- Paper 1st (IIBM- E1035)

S.No. Topics
 1 Nature and Types of Events:Objective of Events, Characteristics of Events, Importance of Events, Types of Events, Structure of Events, Key of Elements of Events.
2 Event as a Product:-Event Hierarchy, Categories Events, Event Variations, Event Watch.
3 Event Planning:-Planning Function, Needs for Planning, Types of Planning, Principles of Planning, Steps in Planning.
4 Organisation and Staffing of Event:-Organisational Design of Event, Elements of Organisational Design, Organisational Structure, Making the Organisation Work, Authority and Power, Decentralisation, Event Staffing.
5 Managing Event Process:-Activities in Event Management, Components of an Event Process, Property Creation, Celebrity Management and Endorsements, Managing Media Coverage, Controlling Events, Management of Exhibition, Managing a Sports Event.
6 Event Management: Strategies and Tactics:-Controlling Events, Management of Exhibition, Managing Sports Events.
 7 Event Leadership:-Subfields of Event Leadership, Event Leadership Model, Event Leadership and Change, Improving Leadership Skills.
8 Event Marketing:-Concept of Market in Events, Focus of Event Marketing, Brand Building and Sales Stimulation, Brand Building, Pricing, Key Issue for Event Marketing, Global Integration in Event Marketing.
9 Event Promotion and Advertising:-Promotion in Events, Positioning of Events, Celebrity Advertising.
10 Evaluation of Event:-Establishing Sensitivity in Evaluation, Measuring Performance, Critical Evaluation, Measuring Reach, Measuring interaction.


Curriculum of Event Marketing- Paper 2nd (IIBM- E1036) 

S.No. Topics
 1 What Are Events:- Events Defined, Event Management, Event Marketing, 5 C’s Of Events, Event Designing, Reach, Interaction, Relative Importance of Events as a Marketing Communication Tool.
2 Why Events:- Event as a Marketing Tool, The Diverse Marketing Needs Addressed by Events, Problems Associated with Traditional Media, Advantage Offered by Events.
3 Key Element of Event:- Event Infrastructure, Target Audience, Clients, Event Organisers, Venue, Media.
4 Understanding the Event Market:- Concept of Market in Events, Segmentation and Targeting of the Market for Events, Positioning in Events and the Concept of Event Property, Repositioning of Events.
5 Concept of Product in Events:- Benefit Levels, Events Hierarchy, Categories and Variations of Events, Categories of Events and Their Characteristics, Competitive Events, Artistic Expression, Cultural Celebrations, Charitable Events, Special Business Events, Retail Events, Reach-Interaction Matrix, Event Variations, Developments to Watch.
6 Concept of Pricing in Events:- Risk Rating.
7 Concept of Promotion in Events:- Networking Components.
8 Event Management:- Activities in Event Management, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Coordination, Controlling, Events Management Information System.
9 Strategic Market Planning:- Setting Objectives, Development of the Strategic Market Plan, Environmental Assessment, Competitive Assessment, Business Potential Assessment, Problem Analysis, Opportunity & Resource Analysis.
10 Strategic Alternatives for Growth:- Strategic Approach, Strategic Alternatives Arising from Environment Analyses, Strategic Alternatives Arising from Competitive Analyses, Strategic Alternative Arising from Defined Objectives, PREP Model, Risk versus Return Matrix, Forms of Revenue Generation, Popularity Share Matrix for Generic Categories in Events Business, Event Objectives and Strategies, Implementation of Strategic Decisions.
11 Evaluation of Event Performance:-  The Basic Evaluation Process, Measuring Performance, Correcting Deviations, Critical Evaluation Points.

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