Subjects :-

 Aviation Management- Paper 1st

 Aviation Hospitality Management- Paper 2nd

  Curriculum of  Aviation Management – Paper 1st (IIBM-E1025)                                                         
S.No. Topics
1. Introduction to Aviation Management:– Introduction to Aviation, Civil Aviation, Airport, Air Traffic Control, Flight Data Recorder, Airline, Case Study.
2. Aviation Management: Organizations, Regulations and Policies:- International Civil Aviation Organization, Aeropol Aviation Services Corporation, Aviation Management Consulting Group, AOPA, International Association of Airport Executives, Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting System (FAIRS), Aircraft Regulation and Guidance, Convention on International Civil Aviation, Inter-Agency Committee for Aviation Policy, Aircraft Engineers International (AEI) Affiliation, AVSEC Rules and Regulations, Air Travel in India :An Overview.
3. Commercial Aviation Management Programmes Education And Training:-Aviation Management: A Case Study of Programme Offered, Aviation Management and Flight Operations, B.A.S. Aviation Maintenance Management, Commercial Aviation Management Programme: Bachelor of Administrative And Commercial Studies (BACS),  UNSW Handbook Programme: Aviation (Management), Case Study, BCAS Training in India: A Study of Pattern.
4. Aviation Management: Frequently Asked Questions:-Aviation Management, Metropolitan State University Programme on Aviation Management, Aviation Technology –Purdue University, Aeronautical Technology Programme, Aeronautical/ Flight Combined Programme, Airlines Water Suppliers.
5. Air Safety Standards, Guidelines And Announcements:- Air Safety, FAA Aviation Safety Draft Documents, Aircraft Management Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy (ICAP) Safety Standards Agreement, Aircraft Management Safety Standards Guidelines for Federal Flight Programmes, National Transportation Safety Board, Airline Water Suppliers.
  Global Aviation Industry: Analyzing Share of Indian Aviation:- Contemporary Global Aviation Industry: An Overview, Airline Industry Profitability Improves: Turning  Peanuts Into Sustainable Profits by IATA Method, Aviation Industry: Brief Profit of European & German Markets, Aviation Industry Consideration Unfoldes $120bn Opportunity for India ,Indian Aviation: A Global Flavour.
  Curriculum of Aviation Hospitality Management – Paper 2nd  (IIBM – E1026)           
S.No Topics
1. Introduction:- Global Concepts, Hospitality Club -History; functioning; organization and policies, Hotel Manager, Motel, Hostels, Hospitality Management.
2. Aviation Industry:- Civil Aviation, Regulatory Considerations, Economic Considerations, Low-Cost Carrier, In-Flight Entertainment, Bar Coded Boarding Pass, Paper Boarding Passes, IATA Simplifying The Business, Products & Services, Flex Fares, Regulation 261/2004, Court Cases regarding Regulation 261/2004, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India),Revenue Management, Airport Improvement Fee.
3. Importance of Personality Development In Aviation Industry:- Personality Development-Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory, Politeness & Criticism of the Theory, Cultural Differences, Hospitality Etiquette, Tourism.
4. International Tourism And Ticking Techniques:- Air Fares & Ticketing, Issuance of MCO & MPD and Its Usage, First Aid Training- Aims & Key Skills.
5. Package Holiday And Aviation Industry:-Dynamic packagingFree Independent Traveler, Travel Technology, Online Hotel Reservations, Computer Reservations System, Programmed Airline Reservations System, Airline Reservation System, KIU System (CRS & GDS), Advance Passenger Information System.
6. Travel Agency And Tour Operation:– Origin, Types of Agencies, Tour Operator, Kuoni Travel, Perpetual Traveler, Tour Guide, Tourism Geography, European Travel Commission, World Travel Monitor.


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