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SOLIDWORKS is one of the most used 3D CAD Software in the industry. So if you wish to make a career as a design or mechanical engineer, knowing SOLIDWORKS will help.

Beginner Friendly

A simple user interface makes SOLIDWORKS an easy software for a beginner to pick up.

Get Creative

Design an engine, robotic arm, and more! Stretch your imagination because nothing is beyond your reach.

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1.1Data Analytics across Domains
1.2What is Analytics?
1.3 Types of Analytics
2.1Introduction to statistics and Central Limit Theorem
2.2Measures of Central Tendancies and Measures of Spread
2.3Hypothesis Testing and Goodness of Fit test
2.4Probability Theory for Data Analytics
3.1Python Intro,IDE and Python Packages
3.2Python Programming
3.3Python Data Types – Dictionary, List and Set
3.4Python – Time Series Analysis and Forcasting
3.5Python – Simple Predictive Analysis 
4.1Data Science With Python
4.2Data Science Application Across Multiple Domain and Business Function
4.3Data Science Project LifeCycle
4.4Multiple Predictive Model Using Python
4.5Python – Simple and Multiple Predictive Model in Practical
4.6Assignment – Real Estate Predictive Analysis
4.7Python Correlation Analysis
4.8Python Classification Model Building
4.9Data Science – Building Recommendation System – Market Basket Analysis(MBA)

5.1 Machine Learning


Modeling and Assembling of Petrol Engine Connecting Rod

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