With power comes responsibility, being a leader is not an easy job – you have to be tough and sympathetic at the same time. A team always looks up to someone who is easily approachable and has a vision that contributes efforts of all. A person owing such an authority has a big role to play for the growth of the organisation and the individuals working under him.

For a leader it is important to ensure the growth and the development of every individual at both personal and professional level. With changing dynamics of the industry the roles of a leader have also changed. The current generation has different aspirations from a leader they look up.


Leaders need to show, not just tell. If you want your employees to be punctual, make sure you’re there on time — or even early. If professionalism is a priority, make sure you’re dressed for success, and treat everyone you interact with (both in-person and online) with courtesy. Set the tone and your employees will follow it.


There’s a difference between a leader and a boss. While both are in charge, a leader shares the spotlight and is comfortable crediting others. While it might seem counterintuitive, being humble takes more confidence than basking in glory. Your employees will appreciate it, and your clients will, too.


Your achievement is not at what position you are, you achievement is when people look up to you and aspire to become like one. A leader should always inspire its team member by his actions. According to Ruhie, “A leader should practise things like robust succession planning and mentoring by internal leaders to create sustainable talent pipeline.”


First and foremost, great leaders care about their team’s development and with good reason! 65% of employees cite ‘training and development opportunities’ as one of their top three work motivators. Strong leaders tap into employees’ desire to learn by providing constant access to the right training that meets their personal and company needs. Creating a strong learning culture across your teams doesn’t only improve employees capabilities, it increases team motivation and engagement with the business mission.

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