Practical MBA is an educational course that permits its recipients to apply their knowledge and acquired skillset directly in a professional workplace for better work-life integration. MBA is business management administration and is a general approach for business management. But in MPBA will customise and tailor made the theories and approaches according to practical necessities of a specific industry/workplace. All the subjects dealt in practical MBA courses are designed is a way that gets relevant and related to that specific industry vertical.

Practical MBA does not deal ample with theories, perceptions, rulebooks, assumptions & history, which a university MBA degree mostly deals with. All MPBA Programs keeps its focus mostly on the applied features of the business/specific industry & not on the general theories. The specialities of MPBA are:

  • Mostly suitable for job seekers, app Practical MBA programs are designed to make the recipients street smart by keeping the focus on applied facets of business management.
  • The classes are coordinated by subject matter experts and hardcore industry aware people like Business Professionals, Industry Experts and Business Managers.
  • The goal of these programs is to train and groom ready-to-work, industry-aware professionals for a workforce.
  • These are short-term courses and cost-efficient than a regular MBA holders.
  • It has been surveyed that while, 30% regular MBA students can complete a regular MBA, almost 90% students of MPBA course can complete their course successfully.

Practical MBA is more a concept than a usual degree, which can impose huge influence for recipients. Practical MBA is not taught by universities but by some specific autonomous institutions like IIBM Institute.

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