Developing a strong professional network, boosting key knowledge and skills, and accelerating career progression are three big reasons why ambitious professionals choose to go to business school. However, with time being such a valuable asset, many people are understandably reluctant to take time away from work and family life to pursue a traditional full-time Executive Master Program. This is just one reason why the option of an Executive Master Program is important—it provides rigorous, specialized training for career-focused professionals.There are several features and benefits from undertaking an EMPBA which will help such a career transition.
Thinking Strategically
Essentially this means the ability to think outside of the box. Doing an EMPBA challenges students to think in positive, creatively and innovative ways when questioning the existing business assumptions most organizations are typically following today. Students learn how to envision the organizations of the future and their likely career roles within them.
Managing Across an Organization
EMPBAs are typically a generalist training and participants learn how to approach an issue from many different perspectives such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HR and Strategy. The knowledge, skills and confidence learnt then encourages them to apply for jobs up and across their organization as well as career transform to other organizations and Sectors.
Soft Skills
Softer skills which include everything from listening more effectively, emotional intelligence to making an effective sales pitch are critically important soft skills needed for career acceleration. These can be addressed on EMPBA courses through offering specialist Workshops.
Building a loosely coupled network of peers is widely regarded as a key success factor for career acceleration. An EMPBA course can facilitate this in several ways such as hosting events between current students and alumni.
The world in which we live in today will continue to change far beyond our wildest imagination. My recommendation for aspiring leaders for helping to deal with continual disruptive change is not about asking the question ‘Should I do an EMPBA?’ but rather is about asking ‘When will I do one?’

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