When looking for the right Executive Master program for you, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the effect on your salary. An EMPBA often represents a significant outlay in terms of cost, so you want to be sure you’ll receive good remuneration once you Certified.

“With new technologies coupled with an ever-expanding global focus and evolving business landscape, companies and employees are looking for ways to expand their abilities and stay ahead of the curve,” he said.

“When you combine the new skills taught to EMPBA’s, with the idea of prospective salary increases and promotions, both students and companies are seeing values in these programs to actively seek to adapt and lead in their respective industries.”

Among the surveyed, most alumni considered an EMPBA to be personally rewarding (96%) while an equally impressive credit was given to the extent of professional and financial rewards

An Executive Master Program is a life changing investment, in yourself and in your career. It’s also a big financial commitment – but once you’ve qualified, your Certification can have a substantial impact on your future role and earning potential.

When you invest in an Executive Master Program, the return you get can be significant. Our Executive Master Program candidates see their salary go up by an average of 55%.  So once you’ve qualified, how do you go about getting a pay rise?


Whatever your reasons for doing an Executive Master Program– to boost your skillset, move up in your organisation or get a pay rise – you could get a great return on your investment if you choose IIBM Institute.

What are their issues, needs and concerns? Are there any creative proposals you can put forward that would work for both sides? Even though you’re looking for a better salary, your employer may not be able to give you one. So be creative in what you’ll accept.

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