College Partnership Solution

The Colleges’ Partnership will rely on a successful partnership between us. Our apprentices learn in successful and diverse environments where expectations can be met and realised. Our Colleges Partnership mission is to provide high quality training and education for our learners, resulting in a motivated, successful and productive workforce. It will help students reach their education potential. Together, we’ll engage students in start-to-finish, stay-in-the-community programs. Our partnership will improve retention rates, graduation outcomes, tuition revenue, and more. Plus, faculty and staff can take advantage of our free professional development opportunities.Our College Partnership Program is designed to connect institutions of higher learning with venue managers in their community to combine in-class learning with real life experiences

Mission of the College Partnership Program:

  • Students and alumni with disabilities gain access to a competitive career in their field of interest.
  • Colleges and universities enhance their placement rate for graduates with disabilities, as well as their reputation as an academic environment that welcomes students with disabilities.
  • We are able to expand its outreach to include the best possible talent with disabilities for internships and career opportunities.
  • It will Provides practical advice to aspiring young members to assist them in making key contacts and career choices